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admin | November 20th-2021 | No Comments
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MY RATING: Legend of the Seeker Redux with a budget 🤭

Okay, flame me if you want—it is only 3 episodes into season 1—but I was expecting so much more. Hailed as the new fantasy flagship series for Prime, compared (unfortunately) to Game of Thrones for HBO, this series lands like a larger budgeted version of a Saturday afternoon fantasy series on some UHF station (did I just age myself?), rather than GoT or Lord of the Rings.

In fact, the first few episodes have way too many visual connections with Lord of the Rings. And the phrase, “why did they stop chasing us?” comes up so often it could become a drinking game.

However, all in all, I’m still planning to watch.

There’s a void of good high fantasy television, and although there’s been attempts to remedy this with series like The Shannara Chronicles, Earthsea, The Witcher, and Legend of the Seeker, none of them ever had the kind of budget (except The Witcher) that could allow for the epic vastness these book series need to draw an audience.

Here’s the plot – There’s an evil awakening, and there’s a reincarnated spirit that these lady-wizards need to find in order to save the world. It could be inside any one of five kids from a small middle-of-nowhere town, and together they must travel to a safe place before an eye-less, cloaked, evil dude riding a black horse and his horde of horned beasts, find them.

Right now, three episodes in, I’ll give it “Get Some Zzzzzsss” – but with the hope I can return to this by end of the season and say it’s one of the best fantasy series around.

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