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admin | March 08-2021 November 9th-2021 | No Comments

Guns Akimbo on prime.

MY RATING: Potterheads exploding 🤯

Ever run watch a movie you were expecting very little of, but ended up sideswiped by a near perfect film?

Yeah, I’m talking about Guns Akimbo.

Okay, the premise is absurd; Guy pisses off an online bloodsport producer who sets up real live-streaming death matches and wakes up to his hands being bolted to a pair of guns and forced to participate to the death. These absurd premises often don’t translate into real movie-fun, but I knew it had a good cast—Radcliffe and Weaving are two of my favorites, and both provide fun performances that kept me away from checking my phone throughout the entire run-time.

I give it a 5 out of 5, FULL CHILL…

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