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MOVIE – Spring

admin | November 14th-2021 | No Comments


MY RATING: Something Fresh 🫀

Spring, my least favorite season. Allergies. Wet. Windy. Rainy. This film, however, has easily become my favorite Spring.

The creative team of Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead have been creating great low-budget science fiction and horror movies since the mid-2010s. Spring came out in 2014, but I only stumbled upon it not too long ago and was instantly drawn in. They have other films, equally as good, which will eventually pop up here on IT CAME FROM STREAMING, but all in good time.

The premise – a young man going through some serious issues in his life needs time away to start over. He ends up going to Italy, and in the midst of his travels he comes upon a small village where he sees a woman who grabs his attention. After courting her, she relents and agrees to go out with him, but things aren’t exactly what they seem.

Like all of Benson and Moorehead’s films, they are a slow burn that keeps you interested without revealing too much. This one is worth the time to watch until the very end, phones down with popcorn and a preferred beverage.

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