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MOVIE – The Night House

admin | November 8th-2021 | No Comments
The Night House

The Night House on prime.

MY RATING: …what the heck was that!? 😳

The Night House was one of those movies I happened across on accident. It’s a bit of a slow burn, so if you can deal with a build up, this movie is definitely for you. The scary stuff doesn’t happen right away, which for some horror fans is a big turnoff, but trust me, it builds the tension like most movies don’t these days.

The movie starts with a widow trying to cope with the loss of her husband, and her finding out he may not have been who she thought he was.

However, as the movie progresses the mystery deepens into a disturbing supernatural thriller with some really terrifying effects. This movie does not employ jump scares, but there are more than a few moments that its subtle terror will make you jump.

While I recognize The Night House won’t be for everyone, I do believe it is more than deserving of some Full Chill action.

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