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admin | November 8th-2021 | No Comments

Monster Hunter on prime.


Milla Jovovich might just be one of the best action movie actresses of all time. Considering that Sigourney and Charlize are at the top, Milla has built a resume of action films that is twice as long as either of them, mostly due, in part, to the Resident Evil franchise and everyone’s favorite Lee Loo.


So understand, when I say, “I thought Monster Hunter was going to be something fun and weird, and a whole lot of Milla doing crazy fighting stunts,” I truly meant it.

Monster Hunter was awful.

Milla plays a military captain who drives her crew (literally) through a portal to another world—think a semi-serious Land of the Lost, but with a lot less cool Sleestaks. On the other side of this portal is nothing but sand. 90% of the movie takes place on a large rock in the middle of a desert.

Did it have great effects? Most of the time, yes.

Did it have decent acting? For what it was, yes. Heck, it had Tony Jaa!

But the script was awful. I’m surprised the movie even got made.

Seriously, Sleestaks are cool.

If you can stomach it, check it out, but I’m going to phone this one in.

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