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Grace Falls

GRACE FALLS on sale now!

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Looking for a spooky book of short stories? Check out GRACE FALLS!

For fans of slashers, cosmic horror, and Tales from the Crypt! A book filled with as many laughs as creeping crawly scares.

Available in Paperback and all Ebook platforms!



5 Star Review!

“Creepy Fun”

If you like horror/sci-fi you’ll enjoy Grace Falls from G.A. Finocchiaro. These interconnected stories paint an interesting and intriguing picture of a small town in Pennsylvania that is filled with secrets, wonderful characters, and some unnerving villains.

Amazon Customer – March 7, 2021

5 Star Review!

“A Nostalgic Thriller!”


Amazon Customer – August 24, 2020


Nothing is as it seems in Grace Falls, Pennsylvania.

The town looks and feels like every other small isolated town across America. There are yearly holiday events, family owned businesses, and gossip that never dies—like the demons of its past. This collection of stories set in the eighties is filled with nostalgia and the petrifying fear of the unknown.

The novella “Mum,” starts the collection off with a bang, as a mysterious killer stalks the town’s women and teenage girls. Misfits Sid, Reed, and Danny are caught up in the slayings, and distracted by the new girl in town, Chrissy; a beautiful California transplant with a mysterious past. As the town’s secrets are revealed, the following stories unravel a deepening plot, introducing us to other residents, and draw out the twisted and dangerous creatures that have invaded Grace Falls.

For fans of Lovecraft, Stand by Me, and Stranger Things, this pulse-pounding collection will keep readers turning pages into the night. Visit Grace Falls… if you dare.

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