SCALES: The First Fall

The First Fall



The cosmic Scales had rebalanced; the positive and negative energies were obliged to reset equilibrium, and the Fates intervened granting freedom to the One.
What remained was devastation. The light of the third dimension had been extinguished. With a notion of simple need, the One reignited the sun, rekindled the stars, and the moon was made whole once again. Each celestial body was given a name, and the dimension was flooded with the light of hope.

With the Old Ones banished and their armies of terror and corruption destroyed, a great peace began to settle. The third dimension and all of its many realms were left in chaos, and the perpetual threat of uprising from the remaining ministry of generals loyal to the Old Ones was ever present. The need for civility and peacekeeping became necessary. The Seraphs became an ever watchful eye throughout the many realms and worlds of the One, and destroyed all threats.
Rewarding the Seraphs for their loyalty and virtue, the One granted each of them a name. With a name came true identity and individuality. To own one’s name meant to have power over one’s self, one’s path, and one’s future, for one did not fully exist without a name. Thus the magic of names was created; a magic so powerful, that to steal or know a name meant to have dominion over it; for a rock was merely a rock, once it is known that it is merely a rock, and nothing more.
To the first, the brightest, and most loyal servant, the One named Satan, the shooting star. For his bravery, Satan was branded with a ring; a line with no beginning and no end, and given dominion over all life.
To his bravest, most trusted servant, the One named Lucifer, the bringer of dawn. For his bravery, Lucifer was branded with a four pointed star, and given dominion over all the stars in the sky.
To his virtuous, most brave servant, the One named Michael, the one who is all. For his bravery, Michael was branded with a blade, and given dominion over justice and honor.
To his strongest, most cunning servant, the One named Gabriel, the one who has strength. For his bravery, Gabriel was branded with a crescent moon, and given dominion over the moon and all it orbits.
To his fearless, most daring servant, the One named Uriel, the one who has light. For his bravery, Uriel was branded with a flame, and given dominion over the fire that burns and warms, brings life and takes it.
To his plotting, most judicious servant, the One named Raphael, the one who heals. For his bravery, Raphael was branded with a sun in the form of a disc, and given dominion over the sun and all that share in its light.
To his diligent, most dedicated servant, the One named Azrael, the one who helps. For his bravery, Azrael was branded with a sickle, and given dominion over the dead, and that which has died.
To his guarded, most dutiful servant, the One named Boel, the one who has compassion. For his bravery, Boel was branded with a key, and given dominion over all gateways to and from places and realms and dimensions.
To his kindest, most beloved servant, the One named Samuel, the one who carries the name of all. For his bravery, Samuel was branded with water, and given dominion over the oceans and the waves, and all that flows.

These nine Seraphs became Princes. Arch-Seraphs of the highest order with the power to move moons, sway magics and master elemental forces. Each commanded choirs and legions of lower Seraphs, they too were named and burdened. They lived to serve and served to live, their will was not their own, but the will of their master, their lord, the One.

To be continued…


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