Welcome to G.A.’s Fabulous FAQ!

When’s the book coming out? For real, yo!?!

I should have more information soon. There is a very large backup at the publisher, and I have to wait my turn.

What is SCALES?

I’m glad you asked! And no, you’re obviously not a plant… SCALES is a combined universe. Every book I write will end up bleeding into the next. Characters, places, items, they will all be shared to create a unique universe that tells a larger story. Check out more information, here.

What projects are you working on now?

I try to keep myself busy, when and where I can. My next project is called VEXED, and it should be finished sometime within the next year. Beyond that, I am also working on plots and outlines for two additional books, The Imagi and Masked. I’m very much looking forward to entertaining you in the years to come with my crazy noggin and it’s fantasies.

I also have just started on a short story called MUM, about three teenagers who stumble into the path of a serial killer in 1986. It will be part of an anthology that should go on sale sometime in late 2017.

Where can we buy your work?

Right now, the only place you can pre-order is through Inkshares, here. Once the book is released, you’ll be able to buy it from any major online retailer, like Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.