Welcome to being a published author!

Hello everybody, I am GA Finocchiaro. Or as my friends sometimes call me, “hey you.” Kidding. They sometimes call me G.

In February of 2016, I set out with a very specific goal, to be published or bust. I had tried for a few years to query a Lit Agent to no luck (oh, if only I knew then what I know now), but with no bites and quite a few form letter responses, I decided to find alternate avenues.

I stumbled upon Inkshares, a crowdfunding publishing model that forced the author to schlub his work like a cold calling typewriter salesman going door to door in world that doesn’t need or want typewriters. I prevailed, only just barely.

Two years later I am on the cusp of my book’s release, and I feel like I have come such a long way.

I hope, to all of you who helped fund my big break, and to all of you who might pick up this book thinking, “hey, that’s a neat cover,” that you are thoroughly entertained, chuckle, maybe even chortle, over my silly book.

Cheers to that.

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