G.A. Finocchiaro

G.A. Finocchiaro – Author Photo for Publicity. © Copyright G.A. Finocchiaro and Ashley Griffin Photography. All Rights Reserved.

G.A. Finocchiaro

G is a single 37 year old soon-to-be published author residing in Philadelphia, PA. When he’s not writing or designing, G is often procrastinating from writing and designing. C’est la vie.


Inspired by his friends, G’s THE KNIGHTMARES is a love letter to the people who helped shape him into the man he is today. That being a geek-culture loving weirdo, with a good heart and a love of quality banter.

G started writing THE KNIGHTMARES almost 16 years ago, right after college when he was away from the friends who had made those formative years the time of his life.

Originally written as a script for a comic book, which was pitched and rejected, and sat as an old Word document on an old hard drive for years, until G resurrected it with the idea that it could be something more than just a script.

G set out to make THE KNIGHTMARES a full fledged novel, and recently finished the first full draft that made him happy enough to let the rest of the world see it.

THE KNIGHTMARES is about 9 geeky, pop culture loving kids, who think they are goth (which couldn’t be further from the truth), going to college in the city of Philadelphia. The city’s rich history and landmarks lend themselves well to creating a rich world for these bright and bold characters to play and explore in. Comedy, adventure, horror, and some science fiction, all blend together to make this story stand out, in G’s opinion.